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The BPP School of Business is recruiting for a Personal Tutor to operate across the whole School, who specialises in the field of Student (Learner) Support to implement and maintain the School’s Retention Programme. We are looking for a highly motivated, practitioner experienced tutor to bring high quality learner support into the School.

Specifically, we are seeking candidates who hold relevant professional qualifications and have relevant practitioner experience and are able to provide the following services:
• Learner support
• Development of support materials
• Implementation of support services
• Tracking/monitoring success rates of support


The role of faculty in the School is to ensure that learners in the School receive a premium experience. This is achieved via delivery of the highest quality tuition and module leadership.

Faculty will undertake a variety of duties including, but not restricted to, personal tuition, project supervision, managing online cohorts, undertaking scholarship work and teaching (which will be a combination of live, on line via the Adobe Connect platform and face to face delivery). Faculty are expected to assist with recruitment of learners at open days as well as having involvement in ad hoc business development activities.


Key Responsibilities:

• Providing students with excellent customer service and issue resolutions
• Guidance on academic requests
• Provide support to students following examination results release around
progression, completion and withdrawal
• Actively encourage students engagement with their programmes using
resources available
• Provide academic and pastoral support to students in accordance with the University Personal Tutoring policy
• To assist individual learners with both formative and summative assessments as part of their undergraduate or graduate studies
• To provide learners with one-to-one sessions on a variety of academic areas such as referencing and research skills
• To liaise with Programme Support Officers and the Assessment Team, identifying learners at risk of failing
• Formulating personalised study plans for learners identified as ‘at risk'
• Become familiar with an overview of module contents at the school, as well as the relevant
assessments and marking criteria, in order to better focus support sessions
• Develop and deliver high quality and consistent support materials including detailed study plans bespoke for individual learners or groups of learners.
• Undertake scholarship activities and contribute to the research base within the School. Raise the profile of the School through attendance at conferences and externally published scholarship and research


School of Business - Operations

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UK, London

Candidate criteria

Candidate Criteria


• A Level 7 (Post-Graduate) or
relevant Professional
• If candidate does not have
either of the desirable
criteria, then a commitment
to achieving either of these
through BPP's PGCLT (Post
Graduate Certificate in
Learning and Teaching) or
Headway, BPP's accredited
CPD scheme.
• Significant practitioner
experience in your field
• Experience of teaching
subjects at a Further (Level 3)
and/or Higher (Levels 4-6)
education level relevant to
your field
• Experience of negotiation
with and managing different
• Experience of coaching,
supervising and mentoring
learners in an academic
• Excellent written and verbal
communication skills
• Excellent presentation skills
• The ability to effectively plan,
organise and prioritise
• The ability to work well in a
team and be collaborative
• Excellent computer/IT skills
• Self-motivated


• A teaching qualification (at any
level) relevant to the discipline.
• Experience in teaching live on line
and/or of delivering training and
seminars in a commercial context
relevant to your field
• Experience in developing
schemes of work and engaging
online content and resources
• Experience/awareness of delivery
needs for work based learners
• Fellowship of the HEA

Please note that the successful candidate will be required to undergo a DBS check.

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30,000 - 35,000