Senior Customer Marketing Manager

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Marketing - Audience


Senior Customer Marketing Manager

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Be the source of all knowledge as you create and implement an effective marketing strategy – utilising key insights to connect law audiences with products and services designed to meet their exact needs. Enhancing our customer journey understanding and building a deep understanding of our law audiences, products and the legal sector, you’ll be the driving force behind customer-led initiatives to further define BPP’s features and benefits.

Key Responsibilities:

•Continually using data and insight to develop a solid understanding of the motivations and barriers for our law audiences
•Enhancing our customer journey understanding to drive better experiences and profitability
•Working with colleagues across our sales and marketing team to engage our customers in the right next best action
•Implementing initiatives that will increase conversion at each stage in the buying cycle
•Undertaking proactive research to develop knowledge of each law audience
•Undertaking regular competitor analysis and benchmarking
•Formalising anecdotal feedback and action improvements
•Using audience and market insights to inform product and service offering
•Bridging short-term execution and long-term vision


Marketing - Customer Insight

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UK, North West, Manchester St James's

Candidate criteria

Candidate Criteria

•Solid experience at a senior level in a complex organisation
•Strong background of working across multiple customer groups and product lines
•Demonstrate past examples of utilising customer insight to inform strategy
•Ability to always act with integrity and credibility
•Excellent at prioritising, multi-tasking, and working well under pressure
•Great communication skills – both verbal and written
•Strong organisational skills
•Ability to work autonomously

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